Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blackwood Bakery & Espresso Bar

Your reviewer is a bit confused about the identity of this bakery as it is listed in various sources under the title above but there is a sign out the front that says "Leabrook Bakery". Blackwood is nowhere near Leabrook. This is not unusual as the various locations of the Lobethal Bakeries are not in Lobethal. Your reviewer will stick with "Blackwood Bakery & Espresso Bar" as it may be that the Leabrook Bakery provides the goods for this outlet. This is a small shop with about 3 tables inside and 3 tables outside. It is near the Blackwood roundabout and the Artisan Café.

The hot chocolate comes in big Aroma Fresh coffee cup and saucer. It is topped with a heap of fluffy froth and a dusting of chocolate powder. The drink had a rich chocolate flavour although was a bit sweet for your reviewer's preference. The hot chocolate cost $3.20.

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