Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chocolate Bean, Iced

The Chocolate Bean provides a big variet of hot chocolates. Your reviewer has now tried the hot chocolates, the chocolate soup and the chocolate tea at this venue. It was time to try the iced chocolate even though it was freezing day with light rain.

I ordered a "Chocolate Icy". I chose the dark chocolate version with aniseed flavour. This came in a tall glass with melted chocolate patterns on the inside of the glass. The chocolate hardens in a decorative pattern. It must be a challenge to clean such a glass but the effect is very decorative. The drink was topped with whipped cream and chocolate powder. Finely crushed ice is through the drink. Although I object to ice cubes in iced chocolate but the finely crushed ice was quite easy to take. The flavour of the chocolate was rich dark Belgian chocolate and the aniseed flavour was a good complement to this. The cost was $5.20.

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