Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Grind@Central

In the heart of the Adelaide Central Market is a shop called The Grind. It specialises in selling dry coffee and tea as well as accessories but it also does a small trade in hot chocolate mixes. Patrons can sit at one of the four seats on either side of the stall and enjoy a beverage from The Grind. Of special interest to the readers of this Blog are the Arkadia organic chocolate mixes and the packets of Fraüs European hot chocolate. Your reviewer was attracted to thick Italian hot chocolate in a mixer with the Cioconat label on the outside.

The Grind staff measured out a small paper cup of the thick chocolate for $2.80 for your reviewer. It came with a plastic spoon which could stand vertically in the mixture without tipping over showing that it indeed was a thick hot chocolate. The taste was delicious, thick and smooth, worthy to be added to our list of Italian hot chocolates.

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