Saturday, August 14, 2010

Café Sabatini

This Café at 56 Glen Osmond Road provides table service and offers a wide variety of Italian style meals for lunch and dinner. Café Sabatini is exhibiting as part of the SALA 2010 Festival. There are four works exhibit here by David Thornton-Wakeford. These are large framed pictures incorporating a detailed photographs and some poetry on a wine theme. My favourite was a photo of a dog in a ute and an accompanying parody on "Advance Australia Fair" about relaxing on a long weekend.

The hot chocolate was well presented featuring a glass with a wire handle and saucer with a white and a pink marshmallow. The drink was finished with a white and brown froth and "S" rendered in chocolate syrup. Unfortunately the hot chocolate was watery and disappointed for such a good looking drink. The hot chocolate cost $3.50.
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  1. Iv'e had the hot chocolate at Sabatini's and found it to be quite yummy