Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Esplanade Hotel

After visiting the Edge Delicatessen Café, Merkel and Myrtle looked at a number of the other SALA 2010 exhibits in Brighton. These exhibitions were at Skillitzai Glass Studio, Adelaide Stained Glass Studio, MP3 Café, Café Prego and Ninos Espresso. Merkel's appetite for a hot chocolate did not return until the couple got to the The Esplanade Hotel on the corner of Jetty Road and the Esplanade at Brighton.

The Esplanade is at and ideal location looking over the Jetty and the sea. The artwork by Margie Cockshell-Green was apt for the seaside location depicting idyllic island locations and scenery. The artworks were prints on canvas and were colourful and decorative without evoking any great passion in the viewer.

The hot chocolate came in a Vittoria coffee glass with a wire handle. There was plenty froth and a sprinkle of the chocolate powder on top. The texture was creamy but it was not chocolaty enough for Merkel's taste. The drink came with a pink and a white marshmallow.
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