Sunday, August 22, 2010

Julia's Café/Book@Cino/Julia Farr Kiosk

Merkel and Myrtle were recently requested to offer their vote on who should run Australia. It seemed appropriate that the nearest polling booth to the Marmaduke residence was in Julia's Café. After some research it became evident that the Prime Ministerial hopeful, Julia Guillard had little to do with the running this Café. According to an article "Breakfast at Julias" in the The Byron Shire Echo this privilege is reserved for a Café in Byron Bay. Julia's Café is part of the Julia Farr Centre at 103 Fisher Street, Fullarton. The Café on polling day was not functioning as a Café, instead there is another comfortable internet Café in the same building called Book@Cino which is also referred to as the Julia Farr Kiosk.

The hot chocolate at Book@Cino came in a tall black ceramic mug with the work "Coffee" etched around the side. It was served on a saucer with a white marshmallow. The hot chocolate was finished with a bubbly froth and sprinkle of chocolate powder. The chocolate flavour was a distinctive Swiss style chocolate and was rich and creamy. The cost was $3.70.

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