Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hudsons, Ashford

Hudsons has eleven coffee shops in Adelaide including two at Adelaide Airport and five in hospitals. Airports are extreme example of Café Foyerism where Cafes or coffee shops are located in the foyer area of other large buildings. The Hudsons at Ashford Hospital is more typical example with the café being a welcome and prominent addition to fairly impressive foyer.

Your reviewer had the opportunity to taste the Hudsons fare at Adelaide Airport earlier but this was not an entirely satisfactory drinking experience as the drink was in a paper cup and your reviewer's aeroplane started to board before he received the drink. Hudsons at Ashford Hospital was quite a different experience.

This occasion was a leisurely chat with a friend in hospital and the hot chocolate was served in ceramic mugs. Hudsons served a Belgian hot chocolate finished with a brown froth and sprinkle of hot chocolate. The beverages could be purchased for $3.20, $3.80 or $4.40. The marshmallow may have been available for 30 cents extra as was the case at Adelaide Airport but the $3.80 mug was served without a saucer. Unfortunately the only spoons available were plastic ones. The flavour of hot chocolate was great and the drink was creamy and rich.

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