Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Taylor Blend, ChocoChai

Taylor Blend is an amazing coffee shop tucked away Eastern suburbs of Adelaide at 34 Hallet Road, Stoneyfell next to a couple of parks. This is hugely popular on a Sunday morning with many cyclists making this a regular stopping off point for their morning coffee. Taylor Blend sells a big range of coffees and exotic hot beverages. A limited variety of premade sandwiches and desserts are also available. Taylor Blend is on the list of Internet Hot Spots that have been reviewed in this blog.

The Chocochai drink is a hot chocolate blended with Chai tea. This gives the hot chocolate a sweet and spicy flavour. It was presented with a white froth and an squiggly pattern on top in a white ceramic cup. The cost was four dollars.
Taylor Blend Espresso on Urbanspoon

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