Monday, August 16, 2010

Eggless Dessert Café

This peculiarly named Café is at 162 Goodwood Road, opposite the Capri cinema and the Brown Dog Café. It is popular dessert venue and provides some wonderful and original taste options but is only open after 8pm from Wednesday to Sunday. It is also an exhibitor of the SALA Festival 2010 with an exhibition by Michelle Lee inspired by the dessert from the Eggless Dessert Café. "Dessert First" is a series of small colourful oil paintings which try to capture the mood and colourings of the Desserts from the Café.

The hot chocolate was $4.50 and had a Belgian chocolate flavour that would be worthy of Bracegirdles or Chocolate at No 5 . It came in a white mug with a bubbly brown froth and a spiral of chocolate powder. This was rich and delicious.
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