Friday, August 20, 2010

Edge Delicatessen Café

The SALA Festival 2010 continues for a few more days and there is still an opportunity to visit a number of good venues throughout Adelaide. Merkel and Myrtle venture down to Jetty Road Brighton one morning and saw a number of the exhibits on the "SALA by the Seaside" art trial. The main precincts are the Jetty Road Glenelg and Jetty Road Brighton.

Edge Delicatessen Café at 47 Jetty Road Brighton, is on the SALA by the Seaside art trail but not in the main SALA programme. The Café is a converted old building with retro Laminex furniture much like The Deli or Café Komodo. The Edge provided a good menu of breakfasts and lunches. The exhibition was by artist Barbara Randell who paints in a naïve style and mostly landscapes. One work that particularly appealed to Merkel was the painting of the Café displayed on the front window of Edge.

The hot chocolate was only available in mugs at $4.60. It came in a big square mug and saucer with a pink marshmallow. The drink had a dark flavour but was not rich enough. It had a bubbly froth with a liberal sprinkle of chocolate powder.

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