Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bewitching Hot Chocolate

Bewitched is an even older TV series than Happy Days reviewed in an earlier posting. I am not sure whether I ever saw any original episodes but certainly saw a few of the repeats. Gladys Kravitz is the nosey neighbour who always catches the magical things that the witch Samantha (played by the beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery) and her family do across the road. Abner is her long suffering husband who keeps telling her it is all normal. Their marital relations are summarised in the following snippet:
Gladys Kravitz: [after finding Darrin, the chimpanzee] I wonder where he belongs?
Abner Kravitz: He belongs in a zoo. And so do you.
Evidently Abner was a hot chocolate fan. In this 1965 episode titled "Illegal Separation" Abner has been thrown out by Gladys and is staying at the Stephens house.

Abner Kravitz: I said, "Gladys, let me in, I'll catch pneumonia".
Samantha Stephens: And she didn't answer?
Abner Kravitz: She answered. She gave me the name of a good doctor.
Samantha Stephens: Would you care to join us in a glass of champagne?
Abner Kravitz: Thanks, but not at bedtime.
Samantha Stephens: Oh, all right, Mr. Kravitz. The guest room is the first door to the left, on the top of the stairs.
Abner Kravitz: At bedtime, I drink piping hot cocoa. If it's not too much trouble

Abner Kravitz: That was the best sleep I've had in months. Mrs. Kravitz snores.

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