Friday, September 25, 2009

XO Supper Club

XO Supper Club is a new late night venue with a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. Merkel and Myrtle attended one evening to sample the hot chocolate and look at the menu. The seating was comfortable and the table service very attentive. The restaurant specialises in Tapas and food to share. On the dessert menu was Churros and dipping chocolate. This was something that caught Merkel's eye.

The hot chocolate cost $4.00 and came in a glass with delicious brown forth and a sprinkle of chocolate. The chocolate tasted Belgian and the waiter later confirmed this. While the glass was served without any protection for the fingers it was not too hot to hold. This was a good hot chocolate but not the highlight of the evening.

Churros, for readers who have not encountered these delights, are a Spanish donut. They are generally made into sticks about 10cm long and have a star-shaped cross-section. The Churros served at XO Supper Club were soft and covered with cinnamon. The dipping chocolate came in a small glass and was dark Belgian chocolate mixed with cream. The star-shaped cross section cross-section of Churros made them perfect for soaking up the melted dipping chocolate. The taste sensation was exquisite.

This venue seems to have closed and is now on the list of disappearing hot chocolate venues.
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