Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gloria Jeans, 127 Rundle Mall

I tried another Gloria Jeans after the one in the book shop earlier. It is just a short distance from the one in Borders, a hundred metres down Rundle Mall close to the iconic silver balls. I had hoped to try the thick dipping chocolate they had on special previously, but alas this limited offer had stopped. Therefore I was stuck ordering the standard hot chocolate that I did not particularly enjoy last time, in those horrible paper cups.

The prices were $3.60, $4.20 and $4.70. This time I ordered a regular and they offered me marshmallows which had not been done at the previous outlet. Unfortunately they go straight into the drink. I prefer to dunk them myself. Not a particularly satisfactory experience.


  1. Have you tried BTS on Pirie Street?

  2. No I haven't. I have been to Butterflies next door. At lunch time I usually look for a sandwich with my hot chocolate. I am not sure that BTS does these. A man cannot live on cupcakes alone.