Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Café Fibonacci

There are three eating places in the Adelaide Botanical Gardens. They are the Botanic Gardens Restaurant, the Botanic Gardens Kiosk/Cafe and Café Fibonacci. The surroundings of the Botanic Gardens are magnificent. There are many varieties of huge trees and exotic vegetation. It is a perfect setting for enjoying a hot chocolate. The offerings from Café Fibonacci are limited. On the day Merkel visited there were not savories left at the Café still he was there to try the hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate cost $3.20 and came in a small glass with a swirl of froth on the top. Unfortunately the chocolate was too hot and there was no protection for Merkel's sensitive fingers. Having fashioned some insulation from a napkin he found the taste was watery and inadequate. There are not many better settings for a poor hot chocolate.

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