Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bracegirdles, Glenelg

Your intrepid reviewer ventured to the Bracegirdles outlet at Glenelg. Having had the most pleasurable experience at the Toorak Gardens outlet he was looking forward to this. Bracegirdles did not let him down. There was more seating at the Glenelg outlet and the surroundings were comfortable. It was busy on a Tuesday night but Merkel found a comfortable spot upstairs.

The hot chocolate tonight was always going to be the "Chocolate Sipper". This was listed as a decadent dessert rather than a beverage, but the concept was simple. The patron mixes melted chocolate and warm milk and sips the contents through a metal straw. The hot chocolate is melted using a single candle in a stand. At first it seems surprising that there is enough candle power to melt the buttons of chocolate that are delivered with the dessert but this occurs reasonable quickly.
Pure melted chocolate can be overpowering as Merkel discovered at Providore. The mixture of milk and chocolate allows the drinker to control the concentration.

The result is a warm pleasure. The dessert costs $6.50. The sipper and Myrtle's cappuccino are illustrated here.

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