Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Three Dollar Hot Chocolates

Here are four more, very different three dollar hot chocolates.

Pat-a-cake Bakehouse Caffe

Myrtle and Merkel enjoyed breakfast at Pat-a-cake one fine Saturday morning at 50 Duthy Street Malvern. It has a wonderful range of cakes, buns and pies. This establishment started as a retail bakery and then expanded to provide a café experience to its patrons.

The Marmadukes purchased a quiche each and Merkel ordered his normal hot chocolate. The chocolate came in a glass mug on a red saucer complete with marshmallow. The froth was good with a sprinkle of chocolate on top. The drink was delicious, creamy and chocolaty. This hot chocolate cost only three dollars and is the new leader for taste for hot chocolates available at this price.

C Coffee, Plympton

The junior Marmadukes were playing soccer early on a Sunday morning so I thought I would grab a hot chocolate from the C Coffee outlet at the BP Service station on the way. The hot chocolate was $2.95 so qualifies under the three dollar hot chocolate banner. Other sizes were available. It was in a paper cup of course. There was a small table in the corner but it did not look inviting to eat in. The chocolate was delivered with a thin froth. The drink was a good dark chocolate taste although it was bit watery.

One Ate Five

This venue is at 185 Victoria Square. This is a busy lunch place especially at 12:30 when the Eynesbury College students next door have their lunch break. It is well staffed though and they handle the crowd with efficiency. The seating inside and out is comfortable and the various sandwiches available are tasty. The hot chocolate is $3.00 for the standard or $3.50 for the vienna chocolate. The standard chocolate came in a glass mug with a creamy froth and sprinkle of cocoa. It tasted good. It was milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate.


This breakfast and lunch place is just a couple of doors down from One Ate Five above on the West side of Victoria Square. Brunch does a range of more substantial breakfasts and lunches as well as some simple fococcias and lighter meals. The surroundings are comfortable and patrons can eat inside or out on the square.

The hot chocolate came in a glass with a good froth and chocolate syrup pattern similar to that at Café Mondiali. If anything though, the pattern on this hot chocolate was neater and better executed. It was such a pity that Merkel did not have his camera on that day. Myrtle's cappuccino was also ornately patterned with chocolate syrup. Also like Café Mondiali, the glass did not have a handle so the complaint about drinking vessels burning the fingertips was also relevant on this day. There were no marshmallows but the drink itself was chocolaty and enjoyable. Another pleasant surprise was that this hot chocolate was only three dollars and therefore is a contender in the economy category of the inaugural Merkel Awards.

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