Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hilton Hotel

The Adelaide Hilton Hotel has a number of fine eating establishments including The Grange Restaurant, The Brasserie and Charlies Bar. It is also possible to get light lunches and coffees at the same counter as the Brasserie. They call this the Deli and there is a range of comfortable seating where your lunch can be enjoyed. The surroundings in this hotel lobby are impressive.

A baguette or a lepinja will cost nine or ten dollars and the coffee or hot chocolate will cost two dollars extra. I am not sure what the coffee or hot chocolate costs by itself. The hot chocolate came in nice big Lavazza ceramic cup with a good froth and liberal sprinkling of cocoa. Two white marshmallows were served with the hot chocolate. The drink was rich and creamy with a dark chocolate flavour.
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Adelaide has two Hilton Hotels the one at Hilton on South Road is not the part of the Hilton international chain.

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