Monday, September 7, 2009

The Hyde Park Tavern

Merkel and Lady Marmaduke dined in the bistro of the Hyde Park Tavern recently. This is a nicely appointed venue which was fairly busy on a Tuesday night. There was some warning that things were not going to go smoothly when the waitress seemed stressed and there was the clattering sound of plates hitting the floor on a couple of occasions.

Merkel ordered his usual hot chocolate with a serve of kangaroo. After waving at a lost looking waitress the hot chocolate was delivered in a tall glass with handle. The glass was wobbling on a saucer that was filled with no longer hot chocolate. The waitress apologized and cleaned up the table and the saucer. Unfortunately the chocolate inside the glass was also cold. Merkel persisted only to find that the spoon that came with the drink was far too short to reach the bottom of the cup. The chocolate was probably about $3.50 and did not come with marshmallows but this seemed an insignificant problem.

Merkel's kangaroo was tasty and the Lady's fish was ample.

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