Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Bliss Organic Garden Café specializes in vegan, organic and fair trade foods. It is tucked away near the Adelaide Central Market on Compton Street just off Gouger Street. Around that location are a number of other organic and far trade shops. Wilson's Organic is on 57a Gouger Street. Goodies and Grains and Central Organics are in the Central Market area.

Merkel Marmaduke is not a vegan or particularly fussy about organic food. Fair Trade is an important attempt to redress the inequalities of trade in commodity goods like coffee, tea, sugar, nuts and chocolate. In his pursuit of hot chocolate knowledge, Merkel visited the Fair Trade Australia website and this is where he discovered the Bliss Café.

Merkel was most pleased to find that there were four hot chocolates on the Bliss Menu. He could have chosen the regular, the Chilli and Cardamon or the Peppermint and Lavender but he selected the Ginger Hot Chocolate as he had not experienced that before. It came in a glass with a metal handle with a good froth on top and sprinkle of chocolate. The drink was an earthy ginger flavour. This was not richly chocolaty but was a tasty, warming drink. The ginger hot chocolate and the other flavours cost $4.50.

Merkel looks forward to returning to try the other flavours. Even if you are not a vegan, organic, fair trade enthusiast this Café offers something different for the hot chocolate lover.

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