Thursday, December 31, 2009

83 on Currie

83 on Currie must be one of the most reasonably priced full menu café's in town. 83 on Currie used to be called Dowie's Brasserie situated in Dowie House, 83 Currie Street. The Café has a good lunch menu and extensive seating inside with a couple of tables outside. Merkel can recommend the salt and pepper squid and the chicken salads. Patrons can order a hot chocolate at $2.70 for a cup or $3.00 for a mug. You have to go to Roco Pasta ($2.40) or Do Duck Inn ($2.70) to equal this value.

Something other than the cheap hot chocolate on the menu caught Merkel's eye. Hot Jaffa was available at $3.20 for a cup and $3.50 for a mug. The mixture of orange flavour with a rich hot chocolate has always appealed to Merkel. The hot Jaffa came in a glass with a handle and was topped with a froth and a sprinkle of chocolate. The orange flavour was not too sweet but the chocolate flavour was not strong enough to balance it out. The prize for the best orange hot chocolate, remains with Square Café.

Merkel returned to try the Iced Chocolate at 83 on Currie. This cost only $3.70 and came in a tallish glass. It was topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa. The drink was very light in colour and was not particularly chocolaty.

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