Friday, December 25, 2009

Coffee & Cream Cafe

Your reviewer has avoided City Cross at lunch time because it is very crowded and noisy. However this time he thought he should pay a visit to the food hall in City Cross Arcade. He chose the Coffee & Cream booth in the middle of the food hall.

It cost $3.60 for a regular sized hot chocolate and $4.00 for a large one. The hot chocolate came in a generous decorative ceramic mug. It had a very creamy froth and a liberal dousing of chocolate powder on top. The chocolate in the drink was not stingy either. The flavour was good and rich. After ordering, your reviewer noticed that there were two types of hot chocolate on offer "Swiss" and "Spiced". While the hot chocolate was delicious it would not normally be classed as Swiss as it was not sweet or malt flavoured like other Swiss hot chocolate. Your reviewer may return to try the Spiced Hot Chocolate but not during the busy lunchtime.

Unfortunately Coffee & Cream is now on the disapperaing hot chocolate venue list.

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