Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Café Fellini

Café Fellini is a big café with a film theme on O'Connell Street, North Adelaide. The walls are adorned with pictures depicting Hollywood films although I did not see any of the work of Frederico Fellini the pioneering Italian film maker depicted. Now perhaps your reviewer is getting picky after a recent attempt at being a film critic. A depiction of "La Dolce Vita" and "Eight and a Half" would have been a little obscure for a café aiming for popular appeal. This is a comfortable café with good table service serving generous portions.

The hot chocolate comes in a tall glass with a handle. It was a tasty light chocolate with malt and coconut flavours. It was topped with plenty of fluffy froth and a sprinkle of chocolate. It comes with the "standard" white and pink marshmallows. I say standard because only a small portion (13.2% according to an earlier posting) of cafés serve two marshmallows and they are not always pink and white. The cost was $3.50.
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