Friday, December 18, 2009

Highgate Snack Bar

The term "Snack Bar" has fallen out of vogue. Nowadays we have coffee shops, cafes and lunch bars. The humble snack bar used to be somewhere patrons lined up to get a pie, pasty or hotdog. These days the normal lunch patron expects more from their lunch venue. The Highgate Snack Bar in the Highgate Village on Fullarton Road has moved with times although it has retained the name. The table are covered in table cloths and the walls adorned with original paintings. The snack bar offers a range of focaccia's, lepinja's and baguettes and has an espresso machine for coffees and hot chocolates.

Interestingly the original paintings were done by the owner of the shop and a certificate for an art prize is also displayed on the wall. Most paintings are landscapes but there was one portrait of a bearded gentleman. When Merkel and the junior Marmadukes visited the Highgate Snack Bar this bearded portrait had an uncanny resemblance to another one of the patrons dining there. We confirmed with him that in fact he was the subject of the portrait.

The hot chocolate cost $3.30 and was elegantly presented in a tall glass with a handle. A little syrup had been added to the hot chocolate which made a pattern through the glass. The hot chocolate was topped with a mountain of froth and a sprinkle of cocoa. Unfortunately Merkel did not have his camera on this visit. The drink was milky and not chocolaty enough for Merkel's taste.

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