Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Do Duck Inn

Do Duck Inn is an amusing title for a range of commercial ventures. A search on the internet reveals a guest house in New South Wales, a B&B and a Petting Farm in Canada, a Chinese restaurant in Wagga Wagga, and a bakery in New Zealand. The one Merkel recently attended was a lunch and catering business in Exchange Place, a little laneway between Pirie Street and Grenfell Street.

The hot chocolate comes in a ceramic cup for the bargain price of $2.70. A mug is available for $3.50. The cup comes with a cloud of froth and a sprinkle of cocoa on top. A complimentary wrapped chocolate is also provided. This was packaged by Fardoulis chocolates who also produced the wonderful chocolate with the Cremorne Hotel hot chocolate. Unfortunately the drink itself was not up to scratch as it was watery and not very chocolaty.

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