Saturday, December 26, 2009

Amphibrachic trimeter

Amphibrachic trimeter is often used in Limericks. The emphasis is on the second syllable of a three syllable Amphibrach. The trimeter uses three such sets of three syllables rather than the dimeter which uses two.

When Merkel eats lunch he invites along Myrtle
Who provides her ideas and concepts quite fertile
For she is respected, a member of Mensa,
A qualified lawyer, accountant and censor

In lunchtimes when ev'ryone's rushing and frantic
Old Merkel takes time to be calm and romantic
For dining with Myrtle is such a great pleasure
A time of fine tastes and a time one should treasure

Two syllable rhymes get a bit tricky. The last amphibrach can also be one syllable as in the following rhyme.

This choc'late looks good but its flavour is weak
I like a rich drink and it's difference I seek
To water it down is just such a big sin
The food of the gods should not be so thin

I like a dark flavour and one that is bold
And wonderful drinks should all be extolled
So I will keep writing so all can now know
For tasty hot choc'lates, just where we can go

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