Saturday, December 12, 2009

Return to the C Coffee Shorts Film Festival

Merkel returned to the Shorts Film Festival on Thursday. After collecting his C Coffee hot chocolate he sat down at a table to take in some more entertaining movies. The Australian films on show are reviewed below:

A World Away
This was a story of a little girl kept in an attic by her evil Aunt. The drawings the girl makes come to life with some simple but effective animation. The border between imagination and reality is blurred in the conclusion to this film. This story built to its climax well but the adults in the story lacked some credibility though.

Talk Derby to Me
This was a documentary about a scary group of Roller Derby girls. I had no idea we had such a community in Adelaide.

My New Toy
A number of the films this evening featured children who all performed well. This film involved a boy who went to enormous lengths to save up for his favourite toy. This was a well made story with a twist.

The Dressmaker's Daughter
This film seemed to be more of an experiment in different forms of animation than a film that told a story. There were some interesting visuals but the plot and significance were lost on me.

The Bully
For me, this was the dramatic highlight of the evening. It was a well-constructed script with a couple of turns that caught the viewer off guard. It was good see Adelaide schools, kids and suburbia used to produce such an effective film. The story left the audience questioning the morals of the outcome. The acting, dialogue and film technique was high quality.

At the End of the Day
This was only a five minute movie but the film craft that went into it was immense. The film was about a paparazzi photographer questioning the ethics of his profession and involved a night time scene with a large cast. The effect was a well made piece that raised some questions in the minds of the audience.

The Offer
This film was about a man who was on parole and without an income, dealing with issues raising a 16 year old daughter. He has to avoid the temptation to break the law to get some money to pay for his daughter's trip to Queensland. This involves some uncomfortable moments. The production, dialogue and musical background all produce a professional package.

A Little Problem
Most of us have our little problem. Kevin's comes in the form of small, furry, obnoxious creature about a foot high. Think of Gremlins and Furbies and you get an idea of what the creature is like. This is a live action film but the creature is animated brilliantly and incorporated seamlessly into the film. The result is a believable comic short film with a clever finish.

Work Ready
This is a drama about a Down syndrome woman looking for work. It has a very strong message about the difficulties of people with disabilities looking for employment. The performances from the actors with disabilities are brilliant. The film is well produced and tells a good story.

Notes From a ScareSmith
Walter is the housemate from hell. He has a penchant for scaring people and watching their panic. This short film is played for laughs but everyone is relieved when the irritating Walter gets his comeuppance. The idea for this film was good and it was executed well.

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