Monday, December 21, 2009

Belgian Beer Café Oostende

The Belgian Beer Café is on Ebenezer Place, just off Rundle Street in the east end of the Adelaide CBD. This is where the "Oostende" bit of the name comes from. It is a large restaurant with dark wood furniture, ceiling and panelling. Here you can buy beer with names like Stella Artois, Bella-Vue and Leffe. You can watch the waiting staff go through their ritual of pouring the beer and rinsing the glass as is explained on the Café website.

The hot chocolate is three dollars and comes in a glass with a handle and a creamy froth on top. Your reviewer had hoped that perhaps this would be a hot chocolate made from fine Belgian chocolate. Perhaps it was, but the chocolate was not rich enough to be sure. It was too milky and sweet to be a good hot chocolate.
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