Friday, October 30, 2009

176 Bar & Grill

This restaurant is part of the Tiffins on the Park hotel on the corner of Greenhill Road and George Street. It was once the Hilton Hotel before the Hilton International chain came to Adelaide. Like the Hilton Brasserie and the Rendezvous Lounge 55 it could be considered a Hotel foyer restaurant. This is probably less grand than the others but it certainly provides a good environment for dining. With the walls and part of the ceiling made of glass and the swimming pool visible down one end it certainly gives the impression of space and luxury.

The hot chocolate was $4.10. It came in a glass with a wire handle. This type of glass seems fairly common. The Vittoria coffee company provides glasses in this style. This glass allows visibility of the drink so the drinkers can admire the colour of the froth and the drink, and not burn their fingers on the glass. The colour or the taste of the drink was probably not quite dark enough. The froth and sprinkle of chocolate was tasty. The waiter did ask whether there was enough chocolate powder in the drink. I am not sure whether he was proposing to give me another drink or just pour more powder in if I was not satisfied. Fortunately the drink was rich enough although it was milk chocolate flavour.
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