Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stax, 88 Flinders

Earlier, Merkel reviewed a Stax franchise on Flinders Street in the foyer of one of the large office buildings. This was at 60 Flinders Street. 50 Meters down the road at number 88 there is another Stax franchise. This one has its own shopfront. It has bigger serving counter but smaller seating area than the one at 60 Flinders Street. Merkel attended there recently making sure before he order that there was seating indoors on a cold an wet day. Unfortunately by the time he got served at the counter all the seats had disappeared. As the seating outside was not suitable for a wet and windy day, Merkel was forced to get take-away and disappear off to his office with his hot chocolate in a paper cup.

As with the 60 Flinders Street the costs of the hot chocolates were $3.40, $3.80 and $4.40. The paper cup was irritating and the chocolate powder decoration was not attempted. The hot chocolate was a light creamy flavour. While not particular dark it still provided warmth on a cold day.

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