Thursday, October 15, 2009

Duffy's Bakery, Unley

This is a pleasant Unley Road bakery which has a liquor license and provides a range of coffees and hot chocolates. There is plenty of seating inside and outside. Patrons can select something to eat from a long menu of pies and pastries.

The standard hot chocolate was $3.30 for a cup or $4.30 for mug. An extra 70 cents was charged for added syrup in one of three flavours; vanilla, hazelnut or Irish cream. Merkel chose a cup of hot chocolate with Irish cream flavour hoping to emulate the hot chocolate with Baileys experience he had at Spats. The hot chocolate came with a white froth and a marshmallow. Unfortunately the Irish cream flavour is just not the same without the alcohol and the drink was too sweet. It probably would have been a more satisfying drink without the syrup.

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