Monday, October 5, 2009

Café Delicieuse

This Café is tucked away in Wyatt Street just off Grenfell Street one of the busier parts of Adelaide. There is plenty of seating on two levels inside Café Delicieuse and some seating on the footpath. The décor is modern. There is plenty of art on the walls and reading material in magazine racks. The menu is mainly light meals perhaps a bit more upmarket than your usual café.

The hot chocolate was $3.80 and came in a generous ceramic mug. The mug came with two marshmallows; one white and one orange. This was only the second time your reviewer has encountered an orange coloured marshmallow having recently encountered one at Café Symphony. The waitress could not tell me what flavour it was. Your reviewer gave Myrtle, his partner for lunch, the challenge of working out the flavour. She was not much help. The hot chocolate was pleasingly creamy and tasty. It could have been more chocolaty. The drink was served with a good froth and a sprinkle of chocolate.

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