Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two More Bean Bars

According to the Bean Bar website there are eight Adelaide CBD locations of the Bean Bar. This must make it the most represented chain in Adelaide. Your reviewer has tried two Bean Bars previously one on Gouger Street and one on Flinders Street. The Bean bars are all decorated with a predominance of orange, but with some brown and some olive green. The indoor areas provide padded chairs and small tables. The standard hot chocolates are $3.30, $3.80 and $4.30 for different sized drinks and do not included marshmallows.

Fortunately on this visit your reviewer was able to dine in and therefore was able drink the hot chocolate out of a sensible glass. This receptacle suffers the problem that it burns patrons' fingertips unless the wrap-around napkin is employed but it is preferable to a paper cup.

At the Waymouth Street Bean Bar your reviewer tried the chilli hot chocolate. This was an excellent drink. The chocolate was dark and rich and had a brown froth. Most of the chilli was at the top but packed a good punch.

The Hindmarsh Square Bean Bar was a nice location but a disappointment when it came to the hot chocolate. Despite a good presentation with a froth and semicircle of chocolate the drink itself was weak and watery. Your reviewer is not sure whether the disparity is due to the type of hot chocolate or due to the barista. The mint chocolate in the Flinders Street Bean Bar and the chilli chocolate above was rich and chocolaty but the standard hot chocolate at Hindmarsh Square was poor.


  1. Bean Bar also has the best coffee in Adelaide in my opinion.

  2. I agree with the comment above, there is no better coffee in the CBD then Bean Bar. Outside of the city Bar 9 is quite good.

  3. I actually find the Hindmarsh Square Bean Bar to be great with all the drinks I have had there including their hot chocolate.