Saturday, October 31, 2009

GGB's 1958

This is a fairly new restaurant on Unley Road with an enigmatic name. Merkel and Myrtle visited for a coffee and hot chocolate one Saturday afternoon. There was plenty of seating inside and out. The restaurant was tidy and the black wicker chairs were comfortable.

Merkel order his hot chocolate that was perfectly behaved and Myrtle ordered a Vienna coffee that caused some dramas. The Vienna coffee was served in a tall glass. The whipped cream on top soon melted because of the heat of the coffee beneath. This caused an overflow but the glass was too hot to hold. Cloth napkins are a sign of a fine restaurant but Myrtle's napkin was not flexible enough for her to hold the glass and drink it easily. The waitress came to the rescue, wrapping a paper napkin around the glass in good origami style and provided milk to cool the drink.

The hot chocolate was $3.50 and came in a generous ceramic mug. There should have been more froth but it was tasty and finished with a light sprinkle of cocoa. The drink was chocolaty and consistent throughout but not particularly dark. There were no extras with this hot chocolate. No marshmallow, no saucer, no sugar and no spoon.

This venue seems to have closed and is now on the list of disappearing hot chocolate venues.

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