Friday, October 23, 2009


I first learnt of Gillberries from another Adelaide Café blogger. This is a pleasant Café tucked away in fashionable Dulwich serving breakfasts and lunches. There is seating inside, outside and in a courtyard. Myrtle and Merkel found a table for two at the window inside and were pleasantly surprised to get attentive table service. The Café interior was a little noisy without many soft furnishings but it was a pleasant vantage point to watch the morning bustle.

The hot chocolate came in a glass with a tasty brown froth and sprinkling of chocolate on top. Pink and White marshmallows were also provided. Regular readers will know Merkel's complaint about hot glasses without handles. Napkins were available for sensitive fingertips. The hot chocolate was very rich and not at all sweet. It is always preferable to be bitter rather than sweet as sugar can always be added. In this case the two marshmallows were sufficient sweetness for this hot chocolate. The hot chocolate cost $3.50.

The hot chocolate was made with Altura chocolate powder. This has also been used at other venues reviewed such as Taldy-Kurgan but not used with the same concentration.
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