Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hot Chocolate Awards Open Class (Part 1)

The open class of the 2009 Merkel Awards includes
• Best presentation
• Best dining experience
• Best chocolate experience
• Best standard hot chocolate
• Most photogenic hot chocolate

The award for best standard hot chocolate was added recently to give the standard hot chocolates an award like the specialty hot chocolates.

The final posting will include three more awards
• Best hot chocolate (The Gold Merkel)

There will then be two special awards
• Kitchen Adventures award for the best home hot chocolate product
• Hall of fame award for best contribution to the art of making hot chocolates

For the award of the best presented hot chocolate the nominations are:
  • Chocolate at No. 5 for a hot chocolate with "No. 5" on top of it.
  • Viva Espresso for the pink and white marshmallow and a pattern on the hot chocolate froth.
  • Cremorne Hotel for a wrapped orange chocolate a good froth and a sprinkle of chocolate.
  • Kappy's Café for the hot chocolate in a long stemmed glass, two marshmallows and plenty of froth.
Special mentions are due for the froth art work for Café Mondiali, Brunch and Monkey Nut Café. Presentation also takes into account extras (marshmallows or chocolates) and the style of the cup or mug the hot chocolate is served in.

The winner is the Chocolate at No. 5.

For the award of best dining experience involving hot chocolate the nominations are:
  • Cocolat, Rundle Street for the "top deck" milk chocolate and white hot chocolate drink and a great "Brandy Apricot" chocolate cake.
  • Blond Coffee for the hot chocolate in bowls.
  • Square Café provided a good Jaffa (orange flavour) hot chocolate and a view over Hindmarsh Square.
  • Highway Restaurant for friendly service, a good meal and a tasty, well presented hot chocolate.
The winner is Highway Restaurant.

For the award for best chocolate experience the nominations are:
The winner is Bracegirdles of Glenelg.

The nominations for best standard hot chocolate are:
The winner is Cremorne Hotel .

The photogenic award goes to the best looking photograph on Merkel's Hot Chocolate Dark Desires blog. These photographs are taken with unsophisticated equipment, so only the best hot chocolates will look any good. The nominations are:
Monkey Nut Café
Café Mondiali
Chocolate at No. 5
Funk Coffee, Frome St
The photos speak for themselves and are displayed below. The winner is Monkey Nut Café.

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