Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gelatissimo, Gouger Street

This Gelato bar recently opened at Gouger Street, Adelaide in September. It is part of a national chain. There is another Gelatissimo at Rundle Street. The Gouger street shop provides a big range of delicious looking Gelati and also sells hot Gelati drinks which look intriguing but did not tempt Merkel on this day. As usual Merkel did not deviate from his mission of trying hot chocolates on behalf of the readers of this blog.

The hot chocolate was only three dollars and came in a small ceramic cup, decorated with white froth and a semicircle of chocolate powder. Other sizes were available. The taste was rich and unsweetened and required some use of the available sugar to make it palatable to Merkel. As in a previous posting this is not a problem. This was a good hot chocolate and would have done well in the Merkel awards. Gelatissimo will have to wait until the 2010 awards.

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