Monday, October 19, 2009

Yet More Three Dollar Hot Chocolates

The three dollar hot chocolate venues keep coming. These are two late for the awards for economy class hot chocolate for 2009 but they are good for hot chocolate lovers with any eye on their budget.

Essential Café
This is a small Café with modern décor. It has seating indoors and outdoors. A hot chocolate is $3.00 a cup or $3.50 if you want marshmallow or more if you would like a mug. The cup of hot chocolate comes with froth heaped on top and sprinkle of cocoa. It was not the tastiest hot chocolate and a bit watery but it fits in the three dollar economy category.

Flamingo Coffee Lounge
This exotically named establishment is a sandwich bar in Pirie Street. It has bright orange walls and burgundy serving counter. There is plenty of seating and light. The meals are fresh and inexpensive.

The hot chocolate is $3.00 for a cup or $3.70 for mug. The hot chocolate comes in glass mug with a creamy froth and semi-circle of chocolate powder on top. The taste is milky and fairly weak.

Daily Planet
The Daily Planet is an odd looking snack bar attached to the tallest building in Adelaide which has variously been known as the State Bank building and the SANTOS building. I think Westpac have naming rights to this building at present. Daily Planet is a tiny circular attachment to the Westpac building and there is a bit of a superman theme running through the shop. There are only two tables inside but plenty of covered seating in the covered courtyard at the front of the shop. Your reviewer was fortunate to grab one of the seats inside on a cold day.

The hot chocolate was only three dollars and came in brown cup and saucer. It had a bubbly froth and sprinkle of chocolate. The drink itself was watery and not particularly tasty.

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