Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hot Chocolate Awards Specialty Class (Part 1)

A Specialty hot chocolate is one that is identified as something other than the standard hot chocolate. The award is selected from those specialty hot chocolates reviewed on this website and include

  • Vienna hot chocolate (topped with cream)
  • Swiss hot chocolate (chocolate variety)
  • Belgian hot chocolate (chocolate variety)
  • Chilli hot chocolate for that added spice
  • Orange hot chocolate
  • Liqueur hot chocolate
  • Organic hot chocolate, and
  • A few miscellaneous hot chocolates such as marshmallow topped hot chocolate, white hot chocolate and ginger hot chocolate.
The awards in the category of specialty Hot Chocolate will include:

  • Best dining experience in the category
  • Best presentation in the category
  • Best unique specialty
  • Best chocolate experience in the category
  • Best Vienna hot chocolate
  • Best Italian hot chocolate
  • Best tasting hot chocolate in the category
This is a fairly large category so this posting will only cover the first four awards and a second posting will cover the last three. The nominations for best dining experience in the specialty category are:
  • Chianti Classico for the hot chocolate in a fine restaurant
  • Cikolatte for the chilli hot chocolate in Turkish theme coffee shop
  • Cocolat, Rundle Street for the "top deck" milk chocolate and white hot chocolate drink and a great "Brandy Apricot" chocolate cake
  • Square Café provided a good Jaffa (orange flavour) hot chocolate and a view over Hindmarsh Square
The winner is Square Café .

The nominations for the award of best presentation in the specialty category are:
The winner is Chocolate at No. 5.

The nominations for the best unique hot chocolate specialty are:
The winner is Bliss.

The nominations for best chocolate experience in the specialty category are:
While XO Supper Club deserves an honourable mention the winner is Bracegirdles of Glenelg.

Congratulations to the winners and stay tuned for the second part of the Specialty class of the Merkel Awards.

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